Acne Treatment

Forever Young Acne Treatment Options

Procedure Duration Tx Plan Price
Laser Genesis 60 6 Tx Recommended 300/Tx
Global Revitalization Face 60 6 Tx Recommended 325/Tx
Global Revitalization Face & Neck 60 6 Tx Recommended 360/Tx
Dual Laser Tx (Global & Genesis) 60 6 Tx Recommended 400/Tx
Chemical Peel I 30 --- 150
Chemical Peel II 30 --- 250
Chemical Peel III 30 --- 350

Contrary to what most people think, teens are not the only ones that get acne. In fact, there are adults who never experienced acne during adolescence and only start to break out as an adult. If you are experiencing this frustrating problem, then keep reading. The good news is that there are many types of acne treatment available at Forever Young Medispa, and addressing it promptly is important in preventing dark spots and permanent scarring.

How is Acne Treated?

Acne Treatment by Forever Young MedispaAt Forever Young, we use a combination of treatments including laser, chemical peels, and prescription medication to restore your skin to a healthier state. It typically takes 6-8 weeks to see improvement.  Whether your acne condition is mild or extreme, our select variety of proven and safe treatments can address your specific need.

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  • I'm so thankful for the knowledgeable and compassionate care of Dr. Rakofsky. The office staff was delightful and I'm so pleased with the continued progress and outcomes from my hormone therapy.

    Susan C.

    Jupiter, FL

  • I had no idea that a laser procedure could be so painless and easy. With just a couple of short visits the sunspots that had been plaguing my complexion are virtually gone! Thank you!

    Erin R.

    West Palm Beach, FL