Do you experience excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is the excessive sweating with which patients are unable to obtain relief by using antiperspirants. Excessive sweating also can occur in other areas including hands and feet. This is a medical condition that can be treated with Botox. Botox contains Onabotulinumtoxin A, a natural protein that can temporarily block the secretion of the chemical responsible for activating the sweat glands. When Botox is injected, botulinum blocks sweating in the area it is injected. The injections are extremely shallow and remain at the surface of the skin.

This is a safe and effective procedure to treat excessive sweating of the armpits, hands, feet and any other relatively small body parts.  Botox has been shown to decrease sweating up to 87% in underarms. Patients notice results approximately 2-4 days after treatment with full results within 2 weeks. Results last from 4 to 5 months and significantly help improve on-the-job productivity.

Some patients are worried about blocking sweat glands because they believe it might affect the body’s natural process of thermoregulation. Even though sweating is a necessary body function for temperature-control, localized body areas only account for a small percentage of the body’s sweat glands. The temporary deactivation of the sweat glands will have little to do with body thermoregulation. 

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